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Top Firefox Web Development Tools

Firefox is a great web development tool. In addition to the tools that ship with Firefox, the Firefox community has created a wide variety of useful add-ons to assist you in developing web pages and applications. In fact, so many add-ons have been created that it can a daunting task to sort through them all to separate the good from the bad. On this page I have compiled a list of the Firefox web development tools that I've found to be the most useful. Many add-ons sound very cool but fail in terms of actually being useful on a day-to-day basis. Web Developer, HTML Validator, and the Javascript Error Console are my favorite tools. I use the HTML Validator and the Javascript Error Console more than anything else, but I had to put the Web Developer add-on at the top of the list because it can do so many amazing things. It's tempting to make a long list of useful tools, but I opted to keep this list small in order to maximize its utility.


# Tool Name Type Rating
1 Web Developer Add-On
2 HTML Validator Add-On
3 Error Console (for Javascript) Included
4 ColorZilla Add-On
5 Link Checker Add-On
6 View Source Chart Add-On
7 LORI (Life-of-request info) Add-On
8 DOM Inspector Included


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