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I've been writing Java web applications for nearly ten years now, and I often find myself solving the same problems over and over. I decided to create avaJava.com as a way to collect various solutions into a single place so that I could readily look up solutions for issues that I'd solved before. Putting this on the web has the added benefit of helping and sharing with others. This web site will be focused primarily on but not limited to Java and its web-related technologies. In addition, I plan on developing various cool web-related tools on this site.

Currently, the most useful part of this website is the "Web Tutorials" section, which is approaching 400 tutorials. The tutorials section is currently in active development, so things will be changing greatly in this section.

The "Free Resources" section has a nice listing of some great free resources. The "About Us" section says a little about us, and the "Contact Us" page shows how to get in touch with us.

Posted by Deron Eriksson June 17, 2008

The Web Tutorials application has been updated to include over 450 tutorials.

Posted by Deron Eriksson December 16, 2008