Linux Tutorials

Linux is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. Linux is open source. Distributions of Linux include Debian and Fedora. This page lists examples of some common tasks that can be performed with Linux.
  1. What version of RedHat am I using?
  2. What users have accounts on my system?
  3. How do I set the default file and directory permissions?
  4. How do I change my Linux account password?
  5. How do I determine the size of a directory?
  6. How do I determine the disk space remaining?
  7. How do I display the shell and environment variables?
  8. How do I change file permissions?
  9. How do I determine the type of a file?
  10. How do I find a file?
  11. How do I find text in a file?
  12. How do I see the current processes?
  13. How do I run a process in the background?
  14. How do I kill a process?
  15. How do I create an alias to a common command?
  16. How do I update and display an environment variable?
  17. How do I count lines, words, and bytes in a file?
  18. How do I use the tar command?
  19. What is a keyboard shortcut to open a terminal window in Fedora?
  20. How do I determine my IP address using Linux?
  21. How do I start the SSH server on Fedora?
  22. How do I use public key authentication over SSH from a Windows client?
  23. How does a regular user execute a command as an administrator?