How do I generate a unit test report for a site?
Author: Deron Eriksson
Description: This maven tutorial describes how to generate a unit test report for a site using the Maven Surefire Report Plugin.
Tutorial created using: Windows Vista || JDK 1.6.0_04 || Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0.1 (Eclipse 3.3.1)

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Now, let's examine the reports that were generated. The MavenSW Surefire Report Plugin generated the Maven Surefire Report. The Maven JXR Plugin generated the Source Xref and Test Source Xref reports.

Generated Reports

I'll examine the Maven Surefire Report. We can see that the project has one unit test, and it failed. This reports lists the reports and their results.

Maven Surefire Report

The Failure Details section displays a listing of the tests that failed. Since we included the JXR plugin reports, we can click from the unit test failure to the source code line that failed in its xref representation.

Failure Details section

Clicking the link takes us to the failed test on line 36 in the AppTest xref file.

Source Xref for AppTest
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