How do I list the parameters of a goal?
Author: Deron Eriksson
Description: This tutorial describes how to list the parameters of a maven goal.
Tutorial created using: Windows Vista || JDK 1.6.0_04 || Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0.1 (Eclipse 3.3.1)

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The "help:describe" goal can be used to display information about the goals of a plugin and the parameters of those goals by using the "full" parameter. The results can be a little overwhelming, since it displays full descriptions of all goals and all their parameters. However, it's possible to limit the results to just one goal and its parameters by using the "mojo" parameter.

Here is an EclipseSW external tool configuration to perform a "full" description of a goal (mojo) in a plugin. The configuration will prompt us for the goal and for the mojo.

Name:mvn help~describe mojo full
Working Directory:${workspace_loc}
Arguments:help:describe -Dfull=true -Dplugin=${string_prompt:plugin} -Dmojo=${string_prompt:mojo}

The external tool configuration window is shown here:

External Tool Configuration

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